Delight grandma with shared family video messages that she enjoys right on the TV. Kids and parents work together on the yayatv webapp, weaving photos and voice narrative into personal video greetings for sharing to grandma's smart TV.

Tap a photo and talk to make videos for grandpa. 

Works on any browser. Safe and fun. 

Play your video messages on Grandpa's TV. Easy access to yaya's fun, family content. 2 taps in a browser starts your playback channel. 

Say hi to grandpa right on his TV. 

Videos created on the phone are engaging and fun for kids. Yaya channels work on grandpa's TV providing a streaming channel of your content that helps keep grampa connected. 

Speech to Text

Your words in text as you speak. 

Streaming TV Channel 

Play a channel on a big TV. Control playback using the browser. Easy to watch all videos from the grand kids. Works with Apple Tv, Chromecast, Roku, or on FireTV.

Safe , fun for kids

A simple tap for a photo , and for audio recording that lets you see your words. Read back the words from your video message.